What to Do After a Home Burglary

You returned home after a long day, and you noticed something different when you reached your door. It’s unlocked.

You opened the door and took a step inside. Your home is in a mess, and items have gone missing. Then, you realized that someone broke into your house.

Home burglary is a nightmare for everyone. No one deserves to have their home invaded and have their possessions stolen, but you can take precautions for the worst case scenario such as protecting your house with home insurance.

Here are some steps you can take after someone has broken into your home:

Call the police

No matter if you’re at home when the burglary happened or realised your home got robbed after coming back home, contact the police immediately. Even if you’re not sure if anything was taken, calling the authorities will increase your chances of recovering items and fixing the damage done to your house.

Take photos

It is crucial to document any damage to your house. Don’t touch anything and take photos of your missing items and valuables. This step is necessary for recovery and insurance purposes. Only start cleaning up your home after the police have checked your home and you documenting every damage and missing items.

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Locate your pets

If you own a pet such as a cat or a dog, make sure all of them are accounted for and safe. It’s normal if they are nervous or scared, but they should calm down within a few hours. Check for any injuries, poisoning or overeating and bring them to the vet if they need medical assistance.

Call your insurance company

After documenting your missing items, file a claim by contacting your insurance company. You’ll need a list of all stolen items and damaged property, police reports, photos of the scene and other documentation necessary. Preparing these things in advance will speed up the claiming process.

Improve our home security

You might want to take steps to improve the safety of your home and prevent another break-in. For example, use alarm systems and replace flimsy doors with sturdier doors.


Although no one can guarantee that a home burglary won’t happen to you again, you can take precautions to reduce the chances of another home robbery. You can also give yourself peace of mind by purchasing home insurance.
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