Benefits of a Phone Interview

Most hiring managers conduct an interview to filter Jobstreet candidates. While most of the interviews done physically by inviting candidates to the company’s office, there are also phone interviews.

Phone interviews are usually done after initial screening but before the real interview. The purpose of phone interviews is to confirm the information on a candidate’s resume without getting too much detail of the applicant’s character trait.

If you’re unsure of the benefits of phone interviews, keep reading to find out why you should also include phone interviews into your hiring process.

Less time-consuming

For physical interviews, both the interviewer and the interviewee has to take some time off and agree to meet at a location. However, with phone interviews, the whole process can probably last as little as 15 minutes.

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Low cost

Phone interviews are easy to set up and perform compared to in-person interviews. Candidates can also save travel and accommodation fees if they live far away.

Better candidate experience

An already employed candidate will appreciate a phone interview if it doesn’t require them to take a day off from work and travel to the interview. Candidates may also feel discouraged if they’re rejected after a phone interview, compared to travelling all the way to an in-person interview.

An excellent way to screen candidates

Before inviting candidates to your office, you want to make sure they’re qualified and promising. Conducting phone interviews before physical interviews is a great way to screen candidates and decide who gets to go to the final interview.


Phone interviews are easy, quick and cheap to conduct. It’s an efficient way to screen candidates and optimise your hiring process, making your life as a hiring manager easier. It also improves the candidate experience as well as the employer brand.

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